About us

About us

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Long lasting KnowHow

For more than 15 years Robowatch is an integral part of the industry for intelligent service and security robots. It all started with intelligent machines that support overtired guards in their monotonous work and perform dangerous jobs.

The name Robowatch has always been connected to its co-founder, Ulf Stremmel. The indigenous and structured manager knew even then what the market demands. He made the brand known internationally and raised the attention of security service providers and operators with innovative robotic systems, not only because of their efficiency in terms of price-performance.

What we do

Today, the boundaries between industrial and service robotics are about to fuse. There will be a paradigm shift which opens up new application possibilities.

The dynamic development of service robotics forms emerging markets and new business models. The Robowatch Robotics Group is developer and provider of intelligent systems and automation processes, which are supplied to diverse fields of application. We are ambitious to shape the field of high-end automation and robotics in a pioneering way. Thanks to new lightweight technology and especially cyber-physical systems, mobile service robots with various assistance functions are replacing the previous rigid and inflexible industrial robots in production.

Multimodal assistance systems interact directly with machines and exchange information. Intelligent production environments arise. Man and machine will interact almost naturally and smoothly through improved compliance. We work constantly on new technical solutions for the improvement of existing applications and the development of new markets.

Business activities

  • Projects: Contract development of robot solutions based on specific customer requirements or as a result of a consultation of the customer by us.
  • System solutions: Integration of robots in complex structures (e.g. security solutions composed of mobile and partially mobile security systems).
  • Research and Development: Organization of development and service centers together with affiliated companies and research institutions in the field of sensors, actuators, communication, user interfaces, etc.


In the medium term professional service robotics will have a disruptive effect on a large part of our economy including non-manufacturing sectors such as agriculture, transport, healthcare, security and utilities. Domestic service robots will change all aspects of our daily life, supporting and helping us in many different tasks. Service robotics is also bringing unique solutions to key societal challenges from health and ageing society to environmental issues.

We prepare for each individual situation a suitable solution. Please feel free to contact us.

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